College & Career Success

Following high school graduation, BHGH continues to support Scholars with personalized coaching, skill-building, networking, supportive housing, and merit-based scholarships through their career launch. Depending on each Scholar’s goals, they enter this program as a “Collegian” (pursing a 4-year degree) or “Fellow” (pursing a 2-year degree, certification, internship, or other pre-professional training).

1:1 Coaching

Each postsecondary Scholar is matched with a trained Coach dedicated to their career launch. Scholars and their Coach communicate monthly for individualized case management, which includes checking in on academic & personal wellbeing, goals, and discussing how to navigate potential barriers.


HopeNet is a professional networking initiative bringing together our postsecondary Scholars, corporate partners, and local professionals for monthly events designed to build connections and support our postsecondary Scholars as they join the emerging workforce.

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To prepare all Scholars to enter the workforce, regularly offered workshops address critical skills such as independent living, interview & job seeking skills, financial empowerment, organization, mental health & wellness, and more.


Throughout their engagement in BHGH programming, Scholars accrue funds in individual ‘Success Funds’ that can be accessed during their postsecondary education to be applied towards critical education and basic needs expenses.

Supportive Housing

In 2023, BHGH opened our first home for postsecondary Scholars. This newly renovated home is adjacent to our existing campus and provides supportive housing and services to 1824 year old Scholars engaged in our College & Career Success Program.