We are
Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio

We believe that everyone has the potential to be successful, and
Boys Hope Girls Hope creates the opportunity.

For more than three decades, we have pioneered bestinclass programming to provide young people in under-resourced communities, within Cleveland and Akron, with the consistent, loving support they need to grow into thriving adults.

Hope happens on our 5.5 acre Campus of Hope in Garfield Heights, Ohio. The young people we serve, our Scholars, have an intense desire to learn and succeed, yet face barriers outside of their control. Committing to their journey all of the way from middleschool through postsecondary education and beyond, we provide a stable, nurturing community where young people are fully championed academically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially providing the foundation they need to reach their goals.

We are a proud member of the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network. Our Network Headquarters connects, provides leadership, and offers signature collegepreparatory programming to 16 affiliates.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To nurture and guide motivated young people in need to become welleducated, careerready men and women for others.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio serves 145+ Scholars in our Academy and Residential pathways, and 40+ Scholars in our College and Career Success program. We are inspired by the grit, character, ambition, courage, and integrity of our Scholars. Witness stories of Scholars bringing us Hope and read how our program has supported them in reaching their goals.

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Our History


Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio is Established

An affiliate of Boys Hope Girls Hope is formed in Northeastern Ohio and is formally incorporated into the larger Boys Hope Girls Hope Network, which began in 1977.


Doors Open in Cuyahoga Falls

Boys Hope Girls Hope opens its first residential home on the campus of Walsh Jesuit High School in Cuyahoga Falls. This location was able to provide 5 boys – all students of the school – a structured, nurturing home during their high school career.


Hope Finds a New Home

The home for boys moves from its Cuyahoga Falls location to its current location in Garfield Heights.


Roots and Wings

The goals we set out to accomplish with our 1999 ‘Roots and Wings’ Campaign came to fruition. Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio opened its first home for girls on a century-old family estate in Garfield Heights, OH.


Hope Prep

Our Board’s commitment to extending programming beyond our residential program was actualized with the creation of our Hope Prep program.


Our Campus of Hope

The dedication of our seventh building – the O’Neil Center – marked the accomplishment of former Executive Director, Anne O’Donnell’s vision to reunify the five homes that formerly made up the Round Family estate, and transform the property into a centralized first-class campus.


Growing Hope

Based on the strong outcomes of our Scholars, our Board unanimously agrees to launch a five-year capacity-building initiative that secures the organization’s future through a $10-million-dollar endowment campaign that also allows us to increase our capacity to serve 200 Scholars by 2020.


Academy Pathway

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio integrates the core strengths of our middle school, high school, and post-secondary initiatives into a unified curriculum. The becomes the newly titled ‘Academy’ pathway.


Our Hope of the Future

Focus intensifies on expanding facilities in order to meet the needs of our existing program, while also allowing us to grow to make holistic and intensive programming available to more than 200 Scholars by 2020. In June, we broke ground on the Rajan Academy Center – a critical step towards achieving our goal.


The Rajan Academy Center

The Rajan Academy Center opens its doors in June of 2019, uniting the Academy program under one roof. This 22,000 square-foot building includes an innovation studio, art room, study spaces, counseling areas and open spaces for Scholars to develop holistically each day and build life-long relationships.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals truly embodies the mission of Boys Hope Girls Hope. Regardless of the task at hand, each member of our team acts with focus on our vision of creating best-in-class opportunities for the Scholars we serve. Each “Agent of Hope” embraces our internal core values of…

  • Results – We are accountable to our commitments with evidence of our best-in-class outcomes
  • Innovation – We think-big, solve problems creatively and take thoughtful risks
  • Wellness – The decisions we make consider the need for holistic wellness
  • Respect – Our behaviors consider and value each stakeholder’s needs
  • Growth – We intentionally provide our team with training and development necessary to achieve our mission

Visit the Career Opportunities Page to learn more and consider joining our team.

Meet our team of dedicated professionals

Angela Altenburger

Research, Program Design & Process Specialist

216-553-4011 aaltenburger@bhgh.org

Brenna Bacci

Marketing Specialist

216-553-4043 bbacci@bhgh.org

Michelle Bailin

Director of Development & Marketing

216-553-4045 mbailin@bhgh.org

Terri Bova

Overnight Residential Specialist

216-441-3980 mbova@bhgh.org

Shawn Byrd

Operations Specialist

216-441-3980 sbyrd@bhgh.org

Amanda Collett

Nutrition Services Coordinator

216-553-4002 acollett@bhgh.org

Kristine Copeland

Post-Secondary Housing Manager

216-553-4029 kcopeland@bhgh.org

Shala Dabney

Overnight Residential Specialist

216-441-3980 sdabney@bhgh.org

Tim Grady

Director of Strategic Growth

216-553-4039 tgrady@bhgh.org

Julie Griffiths

Director of Grants

216-553-4026 jgriffiths@bhgh.org

Theresa Hahn

Hospitality & Events Coordinator

216-553-4038 thahn@bhgh.org

Josh Hill

Overnight Residential Specialist

216-441-3980 jlhill@bhgh.org

NaNetta Hullum

Career & Life Success Coach

216-441-3980 nhullum@bhgh.org

Wanda Jackson

House Manager

216-553-4040 wjackson@bhgh.org

Marie Kallay

House Manager

216-441-3980 mkallay@bhgh.org

Nicole Koenig

Operations Coordinator

216-553-4034 nkoenig@bhgh.org

Rachel Labuda

Director of Scholar Services (Post-Secondary)

216-553-4035 rlabuda@bhgh.org

Bri Lazarchik

Scholar Experiential Learning Manager

216-553-4042 blazarchik@bhgh.org

Caroline LeBel-Smith

Director of College & Career Success

216-553-4019 clebel-smith@bhgh.org

Emily Mann

Recruitment & Human Resources Specialist

216-553-4023 emann@bhgh.org

John McBride

Executive Director

216-533-4028 jmcbride@bhgh.org

Emily Montgomery

Director of Staff Development

216-553-4024 emontgomery@bhgh.org

Sherita Mullins

Director of Residential Programs

216-553-4044 smullins@bhgh.org

Naila Paul

Director of Academy Program

216-553-4033 npaul@bhgh.org

Ed Plaspohl

Volunteer Coordinator

216-553-4022 eplaspohl@bhgh.org

Nada Popovic

Database Administrative Coordinator

216-553-4032 npopovic@bhgh.org

Brenda Pryor

MyCom Community Development Coordinator

216-441-3980 bpryor@bhgh.org

Antoinette Richardson

Operations Specialist

216-441-3980 arichardson@bhgh.org

Danielle Rojas-Taylor

Director of Scholar Services (6th-12th)

216-553-4021 drojas@bhgh.org

Angela Tillman

Operations Specialist

216-441-3980 atillman@bhgh.org

Andrea Turk

School Partnership & Recruitment Coordinator

216-553-4010 aturk@bhgh.org

Karimah Williams

Middle School Manager

216-553-4027 kawilliams@bhgh.org

Suzie Wray

Finance Manager

216-553-4036 swray@bhgh.org

Board of Directors/Emeritus Board

Andrew W. Moock


Andrew Eich

Vice Chair

Douglas E. Wells


Nancy C. Benacci


Alice Armstrong

Board Member

Douglas R. Bell

Board Member

Michael M. Boeschenstein

Board Member

Isabella (Bitty) T. Dorr

Board Member

Thomas R. Eby, Jr.

Board Member

Jay Finch

Board Member

Paul Fussner

Board Member

Cynthia Ames Huffman

Board Member

Meredith Korner

Board Member

Molly McArdle

Board Member

Michael J. Merriman

Board Member

Leah Miko

Board Member

Michael M. Murphy

Board Member

Peter M. Poulos

Board Member

Maria O’Neil Ruddock, Psy.D.

Board Member

Brian Spear

Board Member

Brian M. Brennan

Board Emeritus

Kerry Dustin

Board Emeritus

Marcia P. Floyd

Board Emeritus

Howard Hanna IV

Board Emeritus

Robert E. Heltzel, Jr.*

Board Emeritus


John L. Hinds

Board Emeritus

Edward T. Marshall, DDS

Board Emeritus

Raymond Murphy

Board Emeritus

The Hon. John D. Ong

Board Emeritus

Daniel Sussen

Board Emeritus

Fr. Don Vettese, S.J.

Board Emeritus

The Boys Hope Girls Hope Network

There’s power in numbers. Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio is a proud member of the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network. Our Network Headquarters, located in St. Louis, Missouri, connects, provides leadership, and offers signature college-preparatory programming to 16 affiliates. As a part of the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network, our Scholars benefit from programming, resources, partnerships, research, scholarship funds, and shared best practices. Our program uniquely offers a combination of deep local impact and the benefit of diverse international perspectives and interactions. Our Scholars, Collegians, Alumni and team members come together with other impact-driven individuals, maximizing opportunities to share, support, solve problems, and serve.

Our Network includes Boys Hope Girls Hope Network Headquarters and 16 affiliates in the US and Latin America. All Boys Hope Girls Hope affiliates ascribe to the same research-supported Program Model and Theory of Change. Affiliation and services agreements link the Network to ensure mission and brand fidelity, quality operations, maximum functional capacity, consistency in training, programmatic standards, and best practices. We are proud of the support, and connections we receive from our Network!