When it comes to opportunity, there’s no place like Hope

BOYS HOPE GIRLS HOPE PROVIDES STABILITY, SUPPORT, AND SCHOLARSHIP to bright and motivated children from challenging circumstances. Despite the fact that our scholars have faced some combination of economic poverty, severe family stress, neighborhood violence or other extraordinary circumstance, they maintain a courageous desire to make their goals a reality. Our time-tested Residential Program contends that the combination of a quality education, a safe and secure home, and a consistent routine will provide the young people we serve with the values and opportunities they need to realize and achieve their full potential. Boys Hope Girls Hope has also carried this philosophy into the community through Hope Prep, an intensive non-residential Outreach Program serving talented middle school students from under-resourced schools.

Our History

Since 1977, Boys Hope Girls Hope has helped promising young students achieve their goals through scholarship, community, and faith.

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Our Campus

Located in Garfield Heights, the Northeastern Ohio Boys Hope Girls Hope campus is home to our scholars, staff, and residential counselors.

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Donate Today

Your contributions make Boys Hope Girls Hope possible. Explore options for donation and help future BHGH scholars realize their dreams.

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