Residential Program

Scholars enrolled in our Residential Program attend outstanding private middle and high schools whose missions reflect the same holistic values that BHGH was founded upon. Residential scholars live in one of three homes on our campus in Garfield Heights. The homes are staffed by a qualified and highly trained group of dedicated Residential Counselors who have answered the vocational call to live-in community with these young people.


of our Residential Team is trained in Trauma Informed Care and Resiliency


of our Scholars met their quarterly goals related to Academics, Wellness, and Community this year


the average # of hours our partner high schools dedicate to assisting our Scholars outside their regular class schedule each week


the number of days in a week Scholars in our care have access to homemade meals, homework help, and individualized support/care

Boys Hope Girls Hop Residential Scholar Profile

The family demonstrates the need for services, evidenced by community and family risk factors and a lack of access to excellent education 

The child is between the ages of 11 and 14 

The child shows grit and ambition when faced with rigorous academic coursework and high expectations 

The guardian demonstrates a readiness to collaborate with BHGH towards their child’s personal growth and academic success 

The child is ready to strengthen their mental resiliency, physical health and spiritual development 

The child demonstrates an ability to relate positively to their peers, teachers, and other adults and embrace a family-like environment that expects teamwork 

The child does not have serious health, learning or behavioral concerns

Coupling a nurturing home with excellent education is the formula for successfully developing consistent structure and routine-based conditions that help empower and motivate our Scholars to put forth their best efforts.

Message to Guardians:
Guardian/Parent partners are essential to the Boys Hope Girls Hope Program. Scholars who join the program expand their family to include us. We aim to build an unstoppable support system through partnerships with you, excellent high schools and teachers, tutors and mentors, and community resources.

Contact Andrea Turk, Coordinator of Enrollment & School Partnerships, for more information at or 216-553-4010.

“Boys Hope Girls Hope gives scholars a home to go to. They actually have a place and not just the idea of a place.” – Bishop, Class of 2020

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