Our Mission

To nurture and guide motivated young people in need to become well-educated, career-ready men and women for others.

We Promote Lifelong Learning

We believe in the transformative power of education to develop lifelong learners using:


Strengths-based, positive youth development approaches
Practical preparation for careers to sustain one’s self and family
Exposure to diverse opportunities that enrich one’s life and enhance learning
Scholarship incentives encouraging and maximizing self-motivated learning

We Are Service Oriented

We believe in the Jesuit-inspired, values-centered hallmark of building “persons for others” by:


Developing character through service learning activities related to social justice and civic responsibility
Educating those at every level of our organization in cultural competence
Seeking collaborative partnerships to enhance our mission

We Foster Community

We believe youth derive their energy and sustenance from exposure to nurturing environments that provide:

Inclusion in a loving community that meets youth where they are but sets high expectations
A feeling of “being home,” with residential care as needed
Strong and supportive developmental relationships with adult mentors and peers
Stability, structure, and individualized guidance in small settings
Modeling of positive values

We Are Faith Inspired

We believe that a loving God cares about the life of every individual and we manifest this belief by:

    • Focusing on those most in need of our services
    • Respecting, serving and engaging people from all faith traditions
    • Fostering spirituality and an active faith life as essential elements of healthy personal development
    • Helping youth develop a moral compass based on universal principles

We Are Long-Term and Comprehensive

We believe an enduring relationship with youth holds the most promise for attaining positive outcomes by:

  • Intervening early to support scholars from adolescence through college graduation and beyond
  • Offering a holistic spectrum of programming that evolves with the age and needs of youth
  • Providing ample opportunities for youth to develop social and emotional learning skills

We Value Partnership

We partner with young people and families who have a vision of a better future:

  • Scholars elect to invest in themselves and are empowered to join
  • Families value and trust in a working partnership with BHGH
  • BHGH serves bright, capable young people who are motivated to overcome obstacles to reach their potential

For more than three decades, we have pioneered best-in-class programs that provide at-risk young people with the consistent, loving support they need to grow into successful, thriving adults. Committing to their journey all the way from middle-school through college and beyond, we provide a stable, loving community where young people are fully championed academically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Boys Hope Girls Hope provides the foundation they need to transform their lives.

“When I got into Boys Hope Girls Hope, I was able to meet other students like me who were really focused on school, and who were really focused on going somewhere.”
-Jimmy, Class of 2016

Boys Hope Girls Hope Northeast Ohio