Day of Hope Essay Contest

Day of Hope Essay Contest

Theme: Our Hope for the Future

The average age of members in the U.S. Congress is 58.

In the year 2062 your generation will be about that age and leading our country.

Think about a problem that you have experienced or seen someone else experiencing.  Now imagine that you are a member of Congress in the year 2062.

As a politician you have been a leader in creating a solution to the problem you experienced or saw.

Write a letter from your 2062 self to your 2017 self that describes the problem and the solution.  Your letter should clearly explain what the problem and solution are, why your 2062 self thought it was important to solve challenges that you overcame solving it.

Follow formal letter writing guidelines with an opening and closing salutation


Essay Contest Guidelines:

  • Entries must be original, student work.
  • Entries should be at least two paragraphs and are limited to 250 – 500 words.
  • Entries must include student name, name of school, and grade level.
  • Entries should be typed and submitted by email ( or by mail to: Essay Contest, Boys Hope Girls Hope, 9619 Garfield Blvd., Garfield Heights, Ohio  44125
  • Entries must be received by September 30, 2017.
  • Participation in essay contest is not limited to students attending the lunch. All students enrolled in participating schools are eligible.

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