Community Engagement Plan

Community Engagement Plan [5101:2-9-38]
Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio
9619 Garfield Blvd. (Administration Home) 
9603, 9615, 9625 Garfield Blvd. (Scholar Homes) 
Garfield Heights, OH 44125

As a program that works closely with the community (local individuals, groups, organizations and governments), Boys Hope Girls Hope values all opinions and concerns regarding the safety, well-being and behavior of both residents and staff members associated with our agency.   In the event that a member of the greater community was to develop a concern or issue that were to necessitate or would benefit from engagement with a member of the agency management, the community member is asked to utilize the guidelines outlined below in order to express a suggestion, concern or complaint.    Once such a communication is received, the communicating party will be contacted within five (5) business days via mail, email or phone.   [5101:2-9-38 (A)(3)]

If you have a general question about our programs, please consider utilizing our website,    You are also welcome to contact our agency management.

If this is an emergency situation or legal matter, please contact agency management.

The Executive Director serves as lead administrator and should be contacted first.  If the Executive Director is not reachable, the Residential Program Director should be contacted.  [5101:2-9-38 (A)(1)]

  1. Send an email or letter communicating concern in writing to management.
  2. Speak with a member of management by calling the administration offices.

Administration Offices
9619 Garfield Blvd., Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125
216 441-3980

Mr. Timothy Grady
Executive Director
216 244-1530

Ms. Cat Geletka
Residential Program Director

If communication from community member is done so in an effort to report that a resident has possibly violated the law, every reasonable effort will be made to investigate.   If needed, all information gathered and reported will be provided to either Juvenile Court or the appropriate law enforcement agency. Additionally, parents and custodians of child involved will be notified of any incident involving law enforcement or Juvenile Court. 

A copy of this protocol will be made available to any individual or member of the community upon written request. [5101:2-9-38 (A)(2)]

Boys Hope Girls Hope Northeast Ohio